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Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

How to Get Your Associate’s Degree Before Graduating High School

And a bachelor’s degree on your 19th birthday; and an MBA five months later Ahmad Salem is doing life his way, and he’s crushing it. Full of motivation, Salem was a 16-year-old high-school junior when he began working full-time in retail after school and during weekends. A native of Jackson, Tennessee, his plan was to […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

India to Indiana: Purdue Ph.D. Student Is Thriving With Help From Modern States

When Purdue University student Abhishek Sharma wanted to devote his time to computer-science research rather than the general-education classes required for his major, he turned to Modern States. Our philanthropy offers a free online collection of college-professor-led, freshman-level classes tied to the College Board’s College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Passing CLEP test scores can be […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

For Emme Jennings, Saving Time Through Modern States Was as Valuable as Money

More than 300,000 learners have turned to Modern States since we debuted in 2017 as a solution to taking on college debt. For some people, however, the most valuable aspect of our philanthropy is its potential to save time, freeing students to live extraordinary lives. “Modern States is an amazing opportunity for anyone seeking college […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

‘I Got a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science for $7,400’

For Keith Zimmerman, Modern States was the solution to the time-consuming demands of parenthood and his career-advancing need for a college degree. Our philanthropy, which offers completely free, professor-led online courses that help students prepare for the College Board’s College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, was also the answer to his hopes of saving as […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

Spreading Modern States’ Story Throughout the Universe?

Raghav Chari discovered his life’s ambition in third grade. Things have been looking up ever since. “We had independent reading time, and I didn’t find any enjoyment in it at all,” Chari, 17, said in an interview. “But there was this one astronomy book and it had pictures of stars and black holes. I liked […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

Struggling Academically Due to ADHD? Modern States May Be Your Answer

For some students, success through Modern States is about more than saving money. Such is the case for John Bonar, a high school dropout who turned to the College Board’s college-level examination program (CLEP) upon returning to college as an adult learner in need of a career-advancing degree. Passing CLEP exam scores are accepted as […]

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