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Additional CLEP Test Materials

The following site(s) offer CLEP Test Resources:

REA CLEP Prep Exam Guides
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Need a little help?  Many online tutors are available almost instantly 24/7, when you need the help, or you can schedule regular sessions.

Tutor fees vary.  Some companies provide a free trial program.

The following companies provide access to online tutors qualified to tutor AP and/or CLEP level coursework.

Online Tutoring Services

The following company offers a free community based learning system with access to study documents, tutors and flashcards.

Course Hero

Subscription Based Online Tutoring Services

The following sites offer subscription based online tutoring services.  Subscribe to get live help from the top online tutors.

Brainstream Tutoring


Tutor Matching Services

The following sites offer searchable database of information on tutoring companies that provide local in-person tutors as well as online tutors based upon your location.

The Princeton Review



Noodle Pros 

University Tutor 


Grade Potential

High School and College Students

Your school may subscribe to an online tutoring service to which you are eligible.  Check with your student services office, before purchasing individual tutoring services.

If you qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program in your school, and your school is a qualifying Title I school, you may be eligible for free online tutoring. Please check with your school to see if you qualify.  Your school will then tell you which tutoring company to choose to get free tutoring through the SES/NCLB program.

Modern States does not endorse any of the above resources but lists them as a service for our students.

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