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How Governors Can Give All Students ‘Freshman Year for Free’

As the rising costs of tuition and fees outpace increases in financial aid and student debt skyrockets, there has never been a more critical time to bring innovation to our higher education system. We are here to share the one thing student loan lenders don’t want you to know: There is an entire year’s worth […]

Articles Scholarships360

Tuition Hacks: Modern States Education Alliance

One of the constant complaints we get about scholarships is that “there isn’t a scholarship for me.” It seems as though most scholarships are for a very specific person (which is why we started the Scholarships360 Circle Scholarship for well-rounded students). However, just because you didn’t win scholarships doesn’t mean you can’t ultimately pay a […]

Articles KSU Kennesaw State University News

Leading by Example

In his home country of Cameroon, Freeman Talla was taught the eldest child must lead the way for his siblings. The oldest of five, he said there has been plenty of opportunity to show the others how to build future success through a first-rate education and a dash of forward thinking. Talla, who graduated from […]


Here’s how this high school student earned a year of college credit for free

Nataniel Pabon-Trinidad, a rising senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Advanced Studies in Gretna, took his first CLEP exam last year just as an aside. He’d completed his Spanish III class and his teacher told him he could earn college credit if he took a standardized test sanctioned by the College Board. “I thought, […]

Articles Louisiana Radio Network

Incoming college students can earn college credits through a web based curriculum

Modern States Education Alliance is offering a “Freshman Year For Free” at their website which allows students to take CLEP eligible courses by nationally renowned professors, without paying thousands of dollars. Founder Steve Klinsky says the classes give credits that can be transferred to major colleges like LSU. Klinsky says his program is the “Netflix” […]

Articles KTAR News

Freshman Year for Free program makes no-cost college a reality

Students can take college courses at no cost thanks to a program called Freshman Year for Free. The program offers more than 40 freshman-level classes taught online by professors from across the country. David Vise, executive director of the Modern States Education Alliance, the philanthropy behind the program, said it gave students an “on-ramp to […]

Articles Washington Examiner

‘Freshman year for free’: This entrepreneur is revolutionizing education

“If Abe Lincoln were reincarnated,” education entrepreneur Steve Klinsky told Red Alert Politics in a phone interview, “there should be a way for that type of person to get an education.” Pointing to the largely self-educated and rurally located Lincoln as an example, Klinsky noted that education should reach all who seek it. His newest […]

Articles Washington Examiner

New ‘Freshman Year for Free’ program is changing the lives of college-bound students

As the cost of college education continues to skyrocket and the current model of higher education resists changing its traditional model, some educational entrepreneurs are working to reduce barriers to entry for prospective college students with financial struggles. One such intervention, labeled the “Freshman Year for Free” program, formally launched in the summer of 2017 […]

Articles Financial Times

Spare a thought for the music halls

…Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are one of the most commonly cited examples of education on the internet but there are other signs of digital lecturing gathering momentum. In the US, for example, a non-profit called Modern States pays prominent academics to record lectures, and then uses these recordings as free online educational materials for […]

Articles Accuracy in Academia

Final Step in Ascendancy of Online Education?

The Modern States Education Alliance may provide just that. “In short, Modern States works like a global digital public library of great college courses,” Steve Klinsky, the founder, explains in The Washington Monthly. “If you visit, you will find state-of-the-art, totally tuition-free online courses in over 40 major freshman subjects, along with free online […]

Articles Washington Monthly

Earning College Credits For Free

A reform-minded philanthropist has partnered with leading universities to create a top-notch library of online college courses. Students who excel can earn academic credits–and the equivalent of their full freshman year for free.

Articles City Journal

Return of the MOOCs

About five years ago, college presidents, software developers, and education reformers predicted that “massive open online courses,” or MOOCs, would spur a revolution in higher education and a new era of flexible, affordable learning. The New York Times’s Education Life declared 2012 the “Year of the MOOC,” with a cover feature.

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