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Articles The Chronicle Of Higher Education

New Venture Will Offer Free Courses That Students Can Take for College Credit

Students looking to claim college credit without paying anything for the classes now have another option, courtesy of a project called Freshman Year for Free. The venture, being formally unveiled on Wednesday, includes a catalog of online courses in more than 40 subjects that were developed by academics affiliated with major universities across the country. […]

Articles Reuters

Your Money: How college fast-trackers save time and money

For most students, getting their college bachelor’s degree takes four years. For some, five. For Michelle Schroeder-Gardner? Three. The 28-year-old financial blogger from St. Louis graduated in business administration and management in 2010, and then later got a finance MBA. By stacking credits while still in high school and taking a heavy course load in […]

Articles Teens Got Cents

Freshman Year For Free!

Source: Freshman Year For Free! BY EVA Freshman year for free? Yes! And yes, I mean FREE. No catches, no gimmicks, FREE! If you have visited TGC’s for any length of time you know there are very few things that really get me fired up. I mean, over the top giddy, and I am so […]

Articles RealClearPolitics

How to Really Make College Free

Source:  RealClearPolitics As President-elect Trump reviews policy ideas to help poor and working class citizens and to “make America great again”, there is one education idea that is both exceptionally simple to implement and exceptionally valuable. Namely, create a national digital public library of online college courses, available to everyone on a tuition free basis. […]

Articles Breitbart

Breitbart: Texas State University Boasts ‘Freshman Year For Free’ Program

Imagine no college tuition or loans — at least for one year, the freshman year. The Texas State University System (TSUS) boasts they will do just that in 2016, rolling out the Freshman Year for Free program, except it is not totally free, nor is it actually for everyone. Texas State University System (TSUS) announced last Thursday that it teamed up […]

Articles Inside Higher Ed

Would-Be Disruptor Shifts Gears

Source: Inside Higher Ed Modern States Education Alliance, an organization initially billed as an accreditor for nontraditional providers of education, is changing its focus and taking a more direct route to increasing access to higher education, its founders say. David Bergeron and Steven Klinsky, two of the founders behind Modern States, previewed their concept for […]

Articles Houston Chronicle

Texas university system rolls out “free freshman” program

Source: The Houston Chronicle The Texas State University System is trying to level the playing field for older students with an innovative, virtual program that will allow them to earn up to a year’s worth of college credit before stepping foot on campus. The “Freshman Year for Free” initiative gives non-traditional students the chance to […]

Articles KXAN

Free tuition your freshman year? It’s possible at Texas State

Source: KXAN News Student debt can be debilitating. To help reduce the cost of higher education, Texas State University in San Marcos is launching its “Freshman Year for Free” program to help new students cut back on tuition. The program was created through a partnership with Modern States Education Alliance. It will allow prospective students […]

Articles The Texas Tribune

Free Freshman Year? Texas State Hopes To Try It Out

Source: Matthew Watkins for The Texas Tribune The Texas State University System has an idea for future students busy with families and jobs: Don’t even show up on campus freshman year. Starting next fall, the school plans to encourage nontraditional students to take free massive open online courses, known as MOOCs, before they arrive on […]

Articles Gates Notes

Gates Foundation: Better Software Will Revolutionize Learning

In its 2015 Gates Annual Letter, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation predicts that better software will revolutionize learning stating, “online courses — will be a global asset, available to anyone with a smartphone or tablet.” Modern States Education Alliance is in the forefront of developing online classes geared toward specific paths or requirements with […]

Articles Wired

The Grand Plan to Give Everyone a Free Year of Online College

Source: Wired One of the boldest proposals of President Obama’s recent State of the Union address was his $60 billion plan to make community college free. And, yes, it’s also one of the most controversial. Some, like The Daily Beast’s Jonathan Alter, have likened the idea to the G.I. Bill, calling it “a powerful engine […]

Articles Education Dive

Philanthropist proposes MOOCs as a ‘free’ freshman year

By Keith Button, Education Dive Source: Education Dive If the Obama $60 billion free community college tuition plan was ever enacted — a big if with Republicans controlling Congress — the free-first-year idea could offer a like-minded path for students who choose four-year schools. Klinsky’s idea also would tap one of the strengths of MOOCs […]

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