CLEP Exam Registration

To register for your CLEP exam, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the College Board’s website and sign up for your College Board Account. If you already have an existing account, sign in to your personal College Board Account.
  2. Place your order for the CLEP Exam by following these steps:
    • Log in to your College Board Account.
    • Go to CLEP in the top left dropdown menu.
    • Select “Register for an exam.”
    • Choose your exam topic.
    • Add the exam to your cart.
    • Proceed to checkout.
    • Complete the registration sections 1-4.
    • In Section 4 (Review), enter the Voucher Code in the area designated for exam vouchers.
    • Place your order.
  3. Schedule your exam at a test center:
    • Find a test center near you to schedule your exam. You must contact the test center directly to book your exam day and time. Note that you may be required to pay the test center fee over the phone when scheduling.
  4. Schedule your exam with Remote Proctoring (Please read before purchasing the exam):
    • It’s important to note that the Modern States CLEP voucher also covers the cost of remote proctoring. However, remote proctoring has specific requirements that must be met:
      • You will need a computer with the Windows operating system, version 10 (Mac, tablets, Chromebooks, and mobile devices are not supported).
      • A webcam, speaker, and microphone are required.
      • You should have a whiteboard or one sheet of paper in a transparent sheet protector and a dry-erase marker for note-taking.
      • It’s essential to have a quiet and secure testing environment.
    • If you do not meet the above requirements, please select the test center option instead of remote proctoring.

For more information on remote proctoring and to sign up, please visit the College Board’s Remote Proctoring page.

Test Center Reimbursement / Stipend Request:

If you incur any expenses related to the test center fee, please save your receipt, as you may qualify for reimbursement by check. To request reimbursement, please complete the exam and submit your reimbursement request using this form.

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