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Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

NYC x Freshman Year for Free Gives Students College-Level Confidence

Scarlet Almanzar, a motivated student who in 2020 graduated from The Young Women’s Leadership School in the Bronx, was looking to build college-level confidence last summer when she turned to NYC x Freshman Year for Free (NYC x FYFF). “I wanted to know what level of difficulty the college curriculum was going to be,,” Almanzar, 19, […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

How to Enter College as a Debt-Free Second-Semester Junior

Nineteen-year-old Noah Hill never knew life as an underclassman, and he’s already done with college.  Hill, from rural Crewe, Virginia, in December earned his bachelor’s degree in business management from Charter Oaks State College, a Connecticut-based online school that — other than a good education — offered him exactly what he was looking for upon […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

Meet the Metcalfs: Using Modern States for Homeschool Bonding

For Karen Metcalf, choosing to homeschool her five children is about family connections. “I really want to know my kids well, and for them to know each other well,” Metcalf said in an interview. “They do, and I do.” Metcalf, coordinator of the homeschool program for Maryville Christian School in Maryville, Tennessee, turned to Modern […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

What lengths would you go to for free college credit?

Wisconsin’s Adam Klawitter wasn’t letting anything get in the way of his education. At the start of the pandemic, he withdrew from his sophomore year of college but continued to look for cost-effective opportunities to further his education. He discovered, which has 30+ tuition-free courses to prepare students for CLEPs (credit-bearing exams offered by […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

“I Took the Scenic Route”

Almost 30 years ago, Kerri Cook Halligan earned her GED, began community college and started a family. She soon found herself pulled in too many directions and put her education on hold. In November 2018, she began using Modern States to prepare for and pass the Human Growth and Development CLEP exam. She passed six […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

I’m a First-year Law Student & Earned Free College Credit

By Mohammed Mafouz This fall marks my first semester as a law school student at the University of Baltimore – this is the very start of my plan for the next four years. I finished my undergraduate degree a year in advance so I could begin law school by the time I was 21-years-old. My […]

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