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Meet Adam Klawitter

When 22-year-old Adam Klawitter graduates from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point on May 20, he will complete a most improbable journey.

The dual-major senior started this journey by using Modern States’ online courses, which prepared him to earn free college credit.

“People who are curious and driven can go to Modern States and get college credits for free,” he said. “I tell everyone about it.”

While most students complete one course at a time, Adam completed five Modern States courses before taking any exams.

The reason: the closest place he could test was over 1,000 miles away in Montana.

In full support of Adam’s success, his family purchased a van, packed up and embarked on a trip towards free college credit. Adam passed every CLEP exam he took over the course of two days.

“It’s incredible how easy and accessible it is to get your credits,” Adam said. “It still amazes me.”

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