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Meet Julia Shingleton

A few years ago, Julia Shingleton thought college was out of reach. After losing her father during her senior year of high school, she started working full-time at a VA hospital. The job provided a much-needed income to help her family, but it also put her college dreams on hold.

“It’s really difficult when you know that you’re good enough and smart enough, but you feel like you’re never going to get there because of the financial obstacle,” she said.

Hope came from her aunt, who had heard about Modern States and told her how the program works. Julia, now 23, jumped at the opportunity to earn college credit for free. She successfully banked 60 credit hours using Modern States and CLEP and was able to transfer them all to Thomas Edison State University. Julia earned her associate and bachelor’s degrees in 18 months, and is currently working in a STEM-related role at a clinical research firm.

Julia never lost sight of her aspiration to earn a college degree. Modern States helped turn it into reality.

Watch the video on this page to hear from Julia and how she was able to cut “years and dollar signs” off her education by using Modern States.

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