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We’re pleased to share our first volunteer mentor, Will Geiger. You can reach out to Will by completing the form below, which will send a message directly to Will and he can reply to your message to provide assistance.

About Will Geiger

Will Geiger is an educator with experience working both as a high school college counselor and college admissions office. Currently, he serves as a Director of Education at Knack, a tech company that uses AI to connect people to opportunities. Will is also the co-founder of Scholarships360 which helps students discover scholarship opportunities. Will was educated at Wake Forest University and the University of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Connecticut.

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  • Hold the CTRL key (COMMAND on a Mac) and click the exams to select them. Please select all of the exams you are requesting reimbursement for. Click any item again to deselect it. Remember to keep the CTRL/COMMAND key pressed.

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