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We’re pleased to share our first volunteer mentor, Will Geiger. You can reach out to Will by completing the form below, which will send a message directly to Will and he can reply to your message to provide assistance.

About Will Geiger

Will Geiger is an educator with experience working both as a high school college counselor and college admissions office. Currently, he serves as a Director of Education at Knack, a tech company that uses AI to connect people to opportunities. Will is also the co-founder of Scholarships360 which helps students discover scholarship opportunities. Will was educated at Wake Forest University and the University of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Connecticut.

Will does not teach or tutor in any specific subject. Instead, he serves as a mentor, (like a coach), to guide you along the way and be supportive.

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  • Hold the CTRL key (COMMAND on a Mac) and click the exams to select them. Please select all of the exams you are requesting reimbursement for. Click any item again to deselect it. Remember to keep the CTRL/COMMAND key pressed.

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