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Meet Myles Cramer

Myles Cramer is a senior at Penn State University who loves Modern States and earning free college credit. Hear how he saved nearly $8K on tuition by using our program.  

Press Releases Modern States

Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Partners with Modern States to Pilot Models for Demonstrating College-Level Mastery and Earning Free College Credit for New Jersey Students

Today, the Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) and Modern States announced a pilot partnership to provide students across New Jersey with the opportunity to earn free college credit for demonstrating college-level mastery. The partnership with Modern States furthers the goals outlined in the State Plan for Higher Education by offering students college […]

Articles New Jersey 101.5

Big savings for students: NJ colleges now offering free courses

The New Jersey Office of Higher Education is working with a nonprofit organization to launch pilot program that will allow Garden State students and adults to get a boost in their college careers. Brian Bridges, the state secretary of higher education said as part of the pilot, the Modern States Educational Alliance has agreed to […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

Why Modern States Courses Are the Perfect Fit for DREAMers

Why Modern States Courses Are the Perfect Fit for DREAMers Making the most of a free, seamless, hassle-free catalog of credit-earning college courses If you’re a DREAMer, an undocumented immigrant youth who came to the U.S. at a young age, you’ve likely encountered endless hurdles when it comes to your education. That said, if you’re […]

Articles The Shelbyville News

Celebrating Pi with Pie

Another opportunity I want all of you to be aware of is the opportunity for your high school student to become a Klinsky Scholar, as part of the Purdue Fast Start Program. The program is through Modern States, an online philanthropic college course catalogue, which allows a High School student to take college courses online […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

Closing the Gap: Emily Mateo Makes the Most of Time Away From School

Emily Mateo’s story is like that of so many college freshmen who arrive on campus only to find the environment isn’t a fit. As a student at the U.S. Military Academy, she realized the path to her dream career as a neurosurgeon would be better achieved through a civilian route. So, she’s transferring to Binghamton […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

NYC x Freshman Year for Free Gives Students College-Level Confidence

Scarlet Almanzar, a motivated student who in 2020 graduated from The Young Women’s Leadership School in the Bronx, was looking to build college-level confidence last summer when she turned to NYC x Freshman Year for Free (NYC x FYFF). “I wanted to know what level of difficulty the college curriculum was going to be,,” Almanzar, 19, […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

How to Enter College as a Debt-Free Second-Semester Junior

Nineteen-year-old Noah Hill never knew life as an underclassman, and he’s already done with college.  Hill, from rural Crewe, Virginia, in December earned his bachelor’s degree in business management from Charter Oaks State College, a Connecticut-based online school that — other than a good education — offered him exactly what he was looking for upon […]

Success Stories Modern States Success Stories

Meet the Metcalfs: Using Modern States for Homeschool Bonding

For Karen Metcalf, choosing to homeschool her five children is about family connections. “I really want to know my kids well, and for them to know each other well,” Metcalf said in an interview. “They do, and I do.” Metcalf, coordinator of the homeschool program for Maryville Christian School in Maryville, Tennessee, turned to Modern […]

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