College Algebra

Solve equations, draw graphs, and play with quadratics in this interactive course!

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  • Course Type CLEP
  • Subject
  • Level Introductory
  • Length 0 Units
  • Effort 4 - 6 hours/Unit
  • Institution SchoolYourself

About this course

We live in a world of numbers. You see them every day: on clocks, in the stock market, in sports, and all over the news. Algebra is all about figuring out the numbers you don’t see. You might know how fast you can throw a ball, but can you use this number to determine how far you can throw it? You might keep track of stock prices, but how can you figure out how much money you’ve made (or lost) in the market? And you may already know how to tell time, but can you calculate at what times a clock’s hour and minute hands are exactly aligned? With algebra, you can answer all of these questions, using the numbers you already know to solve for the unknown. Algebra is an essential tool for all of high school and college-level math, science, and engineering. So if you’re starting out in one of these fields and you haven’t yet mastered algebra, then this is the course for you!

In this course, you’ll be able to choose your own path within each lesson, and you can jump between lessons to quickly review earlier material. AlgebraX covers a standard curriculum in high school Algebra I, and CCSS (common core) alignment is indicated where applicable.


This course is designed to prepare you for the CLEP College Algebra exam and cover other related topics as well.


  • Stephen Face

    A graduate of MIT Physics, Stephen has remained an active member of MIT’s Educational Studies Program. With the Density Perturbations Group in the Center for Theoretical Physics, he has co-authored several papers on simulations of primordial black holes.

  • Michael Fountaine

    Michael is an undergraduate at Harvard, where he studies Mathematics. While teaching, he strives to promote abstract reasoning and intellectual curiosity. Previously, Michael worked on the Large Hadron Collider's ATLAS experiment, writing software for its detectors.

  • Kenny Peng

    Kenny is a software engineer with experience in creating performant technical infrastructure. Prior to School Yourself, he worked at Athena Capital Research as one of the lead engineers on a platform for high-frequency trading. As a former member of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, he worked on projects involving innovative technologies and concepts, such as Ochos Locos, a card game for the OLPC with its own modifiable engine, and Oozerts for Nintendo DS.

  • Vivek Venkatachalam

    Vivek completed his doctorate in low energy physics at Harvard, where he studied robust approaches to quantum computation. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, where he uses optical tools to study learning and memory in individual neurons. He has taught electromagnetism and quantum mechanics at both MIT and Harvard, for which he has earned teaching distinctions.

  • John Lee

    John is the CTO of School Yourself, and is a software engineer with a background in artificial intelligence and data mining. As a Senior Software Engineer at Google, he led the data extraction team on experimental projects to mine knowledge from the open Web and push the boundaries of open-domain question answering. He studied Physics and Computer Science at MIT and completed his Masters in Computer Science and Engineering at MIT.

  • Zach Wissner-Gross

    Zach is the CEO of School Yourself. He completed his doctorate in Physics at Harvard, where he won multiple teaching awards, including Harvard's White Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is a Hertz Fellow, and has authored papers in neuroscience, biophysics, and biotechnology, as well as three interactive math textbooks with the School Yourself team.

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NBA star Jalen Rose

“I enrolled in the Chemistry class offered by Modern States. I felt confident after taking the course, and I passed the CLEP exam. The course definitely helped me a lot.”

William Rush, high school junior

“The information in the Sociology course felt like it was just the right amount. I liked that I could go through it at my own pace. I learned a lot. I passed the CLEP; the Sociology professor was really engaging.”

Glenn Grassi, adult learner

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