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Learners who have taken courses offered through Modern States and passed exams for college credit.

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So far I have taken and passed College Composition, and I am currently taking the course on Social Sciences and History. I have found the courses to be straightforward and easy to navigate, and the content seems to be everything one needs and nothing extra. I am pleased that Modern States has filled an important niche by making both courses and vouchers available to those hoping to pursue further education through College Board's CLEP program.

— Noah Teachey, Adult Learner

Having learned about Modern States from the College Board website, I was skeptical of it at first. College credit for absolutely no cost? That must be too good to be true. But, after looking into it further, I decided to give it a try.
I was immediately impressed with the design of the website and quality of the courses. The program allows for a variety of learning styles, providing videos, reading material, and practice questions.
I started with College Mathematics, as math was one of my strong areas in high school. After completing the course, I applied for the voucher and held my breath. It came, I followed the instructions, and, lo and behold, it worked!
I practiced with a couple other resources to round out my learning. Armed with my official CLEP ticket, I visited the official testing center, sat down at the official computer, and took the official test. After completing the test the screen displayed a score of 80. Shaking off my initial confusion, I realized I had gotten a perfect score.
Thank you Modern States! Your organization has been a huge blessing enabling me to meet my educational goals.
My plans are to gain as many credits I can over the summer and enroll at Bob Jones University this fall. The financial benefits of Modern States are easy to calculate. The personal and inspirational benefits are more difficult to quantify, but no less real.

— Andrew Taylor, Home Schooled Student

The only course I needed to complete before transferring to my four-year institution was College Algebra (even though I had completed statistics and trigonometry). Modern States helped me prepare for the CLEP exam, feel confidant in the material, and pass the exam with a good score. Furthermore, because Modern States helped me pass the CLEP, I didn't have to stay at my junior college another semester which enabled me to transfer to my four year institution on time.

— Sydney Adamson, College Learner

The Modern States course really helped me prepare for the CLEP test! Not only did I receive my scores immediately and college credit, but I didn't have to pay a penny! I wish more high school students knew about CLEP and Modern States!

— Alexander Wurl, High School Student

Modern States courses were way beyond my expectations. The video lectures were concise and on point. I found them to be easy to follow and very understandable. These courses saved me a lot of time and money I would have spent at university.

— Edge Kaunda, College Learner

I am attempting to get a bachelor's degree in English. I didn't go to college back in the sixties when my peers did. I guess you could call me a late bloomer. In the "I Am A:" section I wasn't sure if I should choose "College Learner" or "Adult Learner". Moving along. I am delighted to have found "Modern States". Because I had no college but a tremendous amount of life and work experience and I was pretty sure I could test out of some of the required freshman courses. I began prospecting on the internet. I found silver and gold then platinum, that is: "Modern States". The first thing I learned was that I was not as smart as I thought I was, which is always a good sign. I was able to pass the American Literature CLEP thanks to Professor Dana. I don't think I would have passed without his tutelage. Getting the voucher to pay for the test was a simple process and the savings is a blessing. I am already signed up for two more classes. "Modern States" is an idea whose time has come. Kudos to the philanthropical genius who came up with the idea. I am excited to see what happens next.

— Cordelia Becker, College Learner

I found Modern States because I was in a bind with my college...the same college I've been attending for 20 years, the college I earned two degrees at different schools while still being a registered student.

The thing was, I had some transfer credits from another institution that came in at lower values than the standard 3.0 credits, so when I received notification I was eligible to graduate I wondered what they meant because I had been sitting at the same *needs 6 credit hours* for about 10 years. So when I logged in, I found out that I was really only short a Physical Science (I'm taking Astronomy starting at the end of the month) and .33 credit hours in Social & Behavioral Science. I had attempted to take US History I, three other times as a result, if I took it again, they were going to charge me at the out of state rate. This, of course was not something I wanted to do, and that is when I started looking at CLEP.

In my search for CLEP study materials I found Modern States, and read about what the program is, does, and how it breaks the mold of college to give students a real chance at success by reducing expense while still providing the education, only now the motivation comes from the student. If I want to CLEP an exam, there is no short cut but to study the material in sufficient detail as to amount to a semester's worth of knowledge gained.

When I understood what it would mean for me to complete a course at Modern States I signed up immediately and starting taking the US History course. I'll admit, I had already purchased the REA study guide and practice tests, after watching some of the course work on Modern States I did turn to the guide as my "preview" material to see how much I could get out of reading. After having completed that book and taken all the tests my strategy was to see how much I had picked up from the book and how well that fit in with the Modern States coursework, my intention was that if I could not answer the review questions, then I would go back to that module for further review.

And it worked out quite well in my opinion because I successfully passed the CLEP exam and a majority of that credit goes towards Modern States.

Now, in terms of "cheerleading" anyone who would listen to me now knows about Modern States and a few of those people have even gone so far as to sign up, what they do with it is on them, I accept that I planted the seed in their mind about what Modern States can do for them, I believe knowledge is a need like air, food, and water, I teach my children that the one thing no one can take from you is your education. That is the basis for my attitude, and that is why Modern States is the answer to so many people being held back for one reason or another from realizing their educational goals.

— R Scott McLeod, Adult Learner

I had a financial aid hiccup that stopped me from obtaining my two-year business degree. I needed two courses to graduate. I used Modern States for Introductory Business Law in 12/2017, and then again for Principles of Marketing in April 2018. With the course material provided by Modern States, I was able to pass two CLEP's I had no prior experience with, and I was able to finish the requirements to get my degree. Now I am in a 4-year program, and I am using Modern States to help cut down the amount of student debt I will carry. I am taking CLEP exams for 4 courses, which means I will save enough money that I don't have to pay out of pocket, while bringing me to my degree quicker. Fewer classes also reduces the amount of money I need to borrow. I tell everyone I can about Modern States, and Freshman Year Free. This opportunity made the difference on my going back to school, without Modern States I do not think I could have succeeded.

— James O'Keefe, Adult Learner

The Introductory Psychology lectures provided the history, facts, data, concepts that I needed to sit for the CLEP exam. While I took this course 20 years ago in college, I needed to take the course again or pass the CLEP exam to earn college credit. The questions at the end of the modules were helpful. I put in the time required and with the help of Modern States I was able to pass the exam! Thank you!

— Tracy Ricchiuto, Adult Learner

At first I didn't truly believe this sort of program could exist. I mean, how can your clep examinations which cost usually over $100 in fees per course be paid for by someone else? These people are truly an inspiration to me and I was overjoyed when I found out that I could save thousands of dollars for college using clep and this free program. The college I applied to accepted clep with no issues and as a result saved me $30,000 in tuition. I want to add though, that although the classes are great to have in order to prepare you for the clep exam, please do not rely solely on these classes. Get the the lessons from elsewhere just to be safe. I did a lot of research to find this program, and it's much more reliable then trying to get a scholarship where everyone is competing for it. Here you only have to do the work, answer the questions and follow through. There is no essay, no proving yourself as an honor student, or hundreds of hours of data entry for a lotto ticket. Thanks so much for your support ModernStates, and I hope you continue your goal of helping people achieve their dreams by inspiring them with hope and financial help.

— Kelly McNeal, College Learner

I am returning to school for a Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification program, and both time and money are rare commodities for me. Modern States has provided an excellent resource allowing me to seek the credits I need without breaking the bank. The self-paced structure and easy to navigate courses keep me coming back for more knowledge. As a future educator, I cannot recommend this resource highly enough! College is more expensive than it needs to be, and we need more organizations like this working to make education accessible to all.

— Laurel Hill, Adult Learner

I have enjoyed taking the Modern States courses. The courses really helped me pass several CLEP exams and now I have 18 college credits for free. Thank you so much, Modern States.

— Caleb Sheppard, Home Schooled Student

Thanks to Modern States and their teachers, I successfully passed my Biology Exam and can graduate college faster. Modern States is revolutionizing the education system, with their concisely written textbooks, helpful software, and truly caring human resources.

— Jhon Cordova, College Learner

Modern States Educational Alliance has changed the way I study for CLEP tests. Their superb courses and material have helped me achieve my goals. I am a proud supporter of MSEA.

— Jacob Bommarito, College Learner

Modern States has been a great blessing to me and my family's life. Last year my brother and I enrolled in a Dual Credit at Home program. Soon after, my dad became diagnosed with cancer. A little later we heard about a program that would pay for your CLEP tests if you completed their free online course. We came to this site, and I guess you could say the rest is history. The Modern States courses have been invaluable in my passing 5 tests and earning 18 college credits at the age of 14. Thank you Modern States for making this possible!!!

— Rachel Sheppard, Home Schooled Student

Modern States saved me when trying to get accepted into my nursing program! I had almost been accepted, but last minute I realized that I was two courses short of the program requirements. Instead of having to decline my acceptance, I decided to test out of those courses using CLEP. I put all my trust into Modern States to prepare me for those tests, and I am so glad I did! I was surprised how well Modern States had prepared me. Modern States covered all the material that was presented on the test. Not only did I pass the CLEP, but I did really well. I was able to start my nursing program on time, and I am currently in my first semester of nursing school! I am so grateful for Modern States helping me reach the next level of my education.

— Brooke Dean, College Learner

Modern States really helped me prepare for (and pass!) my first CLEP exam. I really enjoyed the course on History of the United States II and look forward to taking more!

— Bethany Bracker, College Learner

"Modern States is amazing, I had taken the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature Course through Modern States because I needed a literature course to earn my Associate's degree. I knew Literature was one of my strong points, so I did not want to sit in a class for fifteen weeks learning the same material over and over again. Modern States taught me material that was new and helped me learn to analyze and interpret literature much easier. I also loved how Professor Dean Simpson compared lyrics of music to help us learn because I usually make up songs to help me study. I would definitely recommend Modern States to anyone that is starting out in college or anyone that is trying to learn in general. Thank You Modern States!

— Faith Bland

"After finding the Modern States program I signed up for a course in Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. I found the course materials to be a great refresher and felt confident after completing the course in about a week to take the CLEP exam. I applied for a free voucher took the exam and passed! I was able to get a voucher for taking the exam as well as get reimbursed for the test fee. In the end, I was able to earn 6 credit hours of credit in a week which I transferred to my school all for free, needless to say, I highly recommend Modern States to everyone."

— Zachary Beall, Adult Learner

"I used Modern States during the winter break from university to take two online courses for CLEP exams. These video-driven classes were self paced, which allowed me motivate myself into completion. Through the Modern States Education Alliance, I also received a voucher and reimbursement for the test center fee. This programme has been an extraordinary way for me to get ahead!"

— James Watkins, College Learner

"Modern States provided the opportunity for me to prepare for and capitalize on the CLEP exams. With their lecture series and additional reading materials, I was able to achieve a deeper understanding of the material."

— Chandies Williamson, Adult Learner

"The program was very easy to navigate and was very effective. In fact, I discovered Modern States on Monday night and by Friday morning, I was able to take and successfully pass the Information Systems CLEP exam!"

— Stephen DiMarco, College Learner

"Modern States is a great program, and I've had a great experience so far. I've taken Spanish, Information Systems, and U.S. History II and scored 76, 78, and 65 on the exams, so I think the classes helped me be well prepared for the exam."

— Elizabeth Tom, Adult Learner

Principles of Microeconomics

— Toni-Ann Hill, College Learner

"I am so grateful for Modern States! I learned algebra in high school but didn't take any math classes in college. Now that I'm going back to school and need College Algebra as a prerequisite, this course has refreshed my memory and allowed me to pass the CLEP test so that I can jump straight into the courses I want to take. I still can't believe that I didn't have to pay anything! Modern States relieved a lot of stress for me, and I am very thankful."

— Emily Platt, Adult Learner

"I work full time as a Tax Auditor but I needed more hours to take the CPA exam. Modern States was very convenient and not time consuming. The courses were spot on with the topics covered in the CLEP exam. The instructors were great and they spoke clearly. I would highly recommend adding Modern States to your study material."

— Markeith Turner, Adult Learner

"Thanks to Modern States I now will be able to graduate from College. I was short 3 credits and didn't have the time nor the money to enroll in a new class, and the opportunity provided by Modern States to take an online preparatory course and free CLEP exam was magnificent. I'm grateful that a company like this exist. Easy online courses and prep test, great online material."

— Jose Acevedo, College Learner

"The class was easy to access and to follow. The explanations were clear. I wish there was more practice tests . My surprise was that there was a Voucher to enroll to the exam and even the fee for the exam was taken care of."

— Thi Minh Thominet, Adult Learner

"Wish I had learned about Modern States sooner! All you have to do is watch the videos and take notes and you pass the CLEP."

— Lejla Kovacevic, College Learner

"Online course for Human growth & development give me the opportunity to plan study time feasibility, instead of going to school and buy expensive books. Students can study and work when they are at their peak energy, whether that’s early morning or late at night. This course material is always accessible online, so there’s no need to schedule special trips to a library either. All of this makes online learning a good option for someone like me who needs to balance work and family commitments and still be on the top of the game."

— Saba Rajput, Adult Learner

"Modern States provided a fun, interactive, and informative platform to learn new ideas and brush up on previously taught concepts. The information presented either by video or text allowed me to feel comfortable taking the CLEP exam. Once I completed the subject module, I immediately signed up to take the exam and passed with ease. Modern States may very well be revolutionizing the way we learn and assess our knowledge."

— Michael Chambers, College Learner

"I took the Biology course to prepare for the Biology CLEP exam, and my experience was extremely well. I enjoyed the self-paced course because I was not restricted by time limits and could complete the topics at my own pace. In my experience, Modern States unequivocally offered a great program and opportunity to offer a cost effective alternative to earning college credit. I would, and already have, recommended Modern States to my friends!"

— Earth Lyons, College Learner

"Modern States helped me so much. This website gave me the opportunity to advance my education in college and helped me a lot. I recommend to anyone interested in saving time, money and furthering their education."

— Stephanie Peralta, College Learner

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature

— Michael Eide, Adult Learner


— Nelson Zange Tasku, College Learner

"So grateful! So far in 3 months, I have earned 12 credits!! I enjoy listening to lectures while running on the treadmill! Then, I can take notes when I review the material again...highlight the printed off transcripts, and weaker areas print off the readings. Multi-sensory learning has increased my retention. The CLEP exams aren't super easy, but the video lectures have helped me synthesize the material so I can narrow down the answers when I'm not sure on the exam. Thank you so much!"

— Holly Sorell, College Learner

"Modern States was excellent and easy to use. I studied college algebra using their program, and easily passed the CLEP exam. I can't wait to take more courses, and am so thankful to everyone at Modern States for helping me achieve my goal of being able to go into college as a sophomore."

— Connor Myers, High School Student

"Modern States helped me out greatly with passing the CLEP. I took Spanish and Western Civilization and passed both. The website provides a lot of great and useful learning materials. The videos are composed of lectures from actual college professors who have been teaching the course for a long time. I was able to understand the content better with their lectures and great personalities. In addition to the videos, there is an online textbook that I can use to read more into depth about the topic. For Spanish, I have direct links to websites where I can practice my vocabulary and grammar. There are so many sources to use on Modern States.
Before learning about Modern States, I was introduced by my Spanish teacher to take CLEP. She personally tutored me and the school helped paid for my testing fee. However, I was unable to pass the CLEP by one point, so I was greatly disappointed. Fast forward another school year and I was introduced to Modern States by another Spanish teacher who told me that I sign up on the site, do the course, and get a free testing voucher. The offer sounded wonderful and I went on to do what he said. Thankfully, I passed the CLEP with a higher score that even I was amazed at. This is to prove that Modern States does work if you put your mind to it.
Lastly, I use Modern States with the classes I'm already taking at school. It is a great supplementary resource that I can use to not only study for my test but to study for the CLEP."

— Truc Le, High School Student

"Thanks to Modern States I now will be able to graduate from College. I was short 3 credits and didn't have the time nor the money to enroll in a new class, and the opportunity provided by Modern States to take an online preparatory course and free CLEP exam was magnificent. I'm grateful that a company like this exist. Easy online courses and prep test, great online material."

— Jose Acevedo, College Learner

"I took Information Systems. The course was more detailed than I thought I needed, though I wish there was a way to ask questions in the interface. However, I easily passed Information Systems. I recommend it to everyone who wants to save money, and importantly, time. You do not have to wait for a semester to acquire 3 credits."

— Ujjwal Anand, College Learner

"I have had a wonderful experience with Modern States. I have taken 4 courses so far, and plan to take more. Modern States has saved me time and money, while helping me reach my educational goals."

— Gabrielle Hill, College Learner

"I enjoy the ease of logging in and studying when I want to. The videos are helpful and feel like you are in an actual college class. The prep questions are also very helpful in preparing for the exam. Modern States has been a great resource as I prepare to take the next step in my education."

— Dara Straus, Adult Learner

"I like the class a lot."

— Luyao Wu, College Learner

"Modern States helped me accelerate my college career and will allow me to graduate before many of my peers. The courses are tailored to help you learn the topic in a condensed amount of time, while also making sure that you will be able to pass the CLEP exam."

— Jonathan Rubinic, College Student

"After completing the biology course, I took the biology CLEP exam and passed! Because of my successful experience, I plan to take more courses. Thank you, Modern States, for making these courses possible!"

— Kate Ward, Home Schooled Student

"Modern States has helped me review for 2 CLEP tests I am taking to earn credit towards my college education. The step by step process allowed me to work at my own pace, while walking me through each section of what the test entails. I'm very thankful for this free program, and that the Freshman Year For Free has begun the process of paying for both my tests. This program has given me confidence to take more CLEP exams in the future, and hopefully allow me to earn more college credit!"

— Alexis Nguyen, College Learner

"I discovered Modern States when I began studying for my fourth CLEP exam. I wish I had found them sooner! The courses are thorough, of excellent quality, and easy to understand. As an adult learner raising a family, my time and money are limited. I greatly appreciate the ability to save both through Modern States."

— Melissa Evensen, Adult Learner

"I believe the course greatly helped me pass the CLEP exam. It was broken down into sections defined by the exam materials, and it offered practice CLEP questions that give you an idea of what to expect on the test. After taking the course through modern states, it was immensely helpful that I was offered a voucher for my CLEP exam, which I cannot express enough gratitude for."

— Josh Crowley, College Learner

"I have taken the College Algebra, Intro to Psychology, and Analyzing and Interpreting Literature tests through Modern States and have passed all of them. I am so grateful that Modern States has all of these courses available, and I really love being able to go through the courses at my own pace."

— Ava Byrne, Home Schooled Student

"Just go through the program at Modern States and watch the video lectures. Take a few notes. You WILL see this material again. I'm in your corner, now go get it!"

— Francis Finch, College Learner

"I worked through the Information systems, Spanish, and American History 1 courses and took the corresponding CLEP tests. Modern States has been a great help and I have passed every CLEP test I took. I am grateful for Modern states because I have been able to get most of my freshman year for free through CLEP tests which has enabled me to double major in college. The staff was a tremendous help and blessing; they were very kind and rooted for me all the way. I have had a great experience with Modern States and will definitely recommend them in the future!"

— Jonah Losh, Home Schooled Student

"Modern States has been a tremendous help with my preparation for my Fall 2017 semester at The University of Texas at San Antonio. I have several classes I can test out via CLEP which will allow me to save time and money. I am truly grateful to the entire team at Modern States for making this process seamless and making college affordable. Thank you!!"

— Lewis Roberts Jr., Adult Learner

"Modern States is awesome! I took the History of the United States I course and CLEP exam and felt well-prepared on test day! I enjoyed the material and Professor Elvin T. Ramos is a well qualified and knowledgeable teacher on the subject."

— Johnathan Lewandowski, College Learner

"It helped me review material I had covered in high school (chemistry) and got me up to level to be able to face the CLEP Exams with a lot of confidence."

— Freeman Ulrich TALLA WOUOTO, College Learner

"Having the course taught by a knowledgeable professor was awesome - excellent experience. All the materials needed to pass the test are there, including questions to test your retention."

— Anthony Nixon, College Learner

"I recently became aware of the Modern States video-classroom, and I’m happy to report that completing the Intro to Psychology CLEP prep course helped me to successfully pass the exam! "

— Jacob Cathey, Home Schooled Student

"The course went very in depth and the website was easy to navigate. This is an excellent program to use if you want to gain college credit fast and easy."

— Alexandra Guillen, High School student

"I took the online course for the Biology CLEP. The course had everything that you need to do well on the exam as long as you put forth the effort and study. The course was supposed to take four weeks, but I completes it in about two and a half weeks. Just give it your all and with these courses you should do fine."

— Daniel Goodwill, College Learner

"I would like to thank Modern States for this great opportunity to take the CLEP Course and Exam! I have learned a wealth of information that is valuable for my future and career."

— Liliane Bonfim, College Learner

College Algebra

— Diana Vazquez, High School student

“The Modern States course prepared me for the CLEP exam. The professor was great. She explained it all in great detail. When there was anything I wasn’t sure of, I could go back and watch the course video again.”

— Jeff Kurtz, Adult Learner

College Composition

— Joyse Cruz, College Student

"I feel like anybody could watch those videos and be able to pass the CLEP Marketing exam. I liked how you could watch the videos, listen to them and also read the words on the side. I told one of my friends about it. I'm going to take Biology next and hopefully CLEP out of that too."

— Malika Young, Home Schooled Student

"I liked Modern States so much, I signed up for a few more courses."

— Tiffany LeMay, College Student

"The information in the Sociology course felt like it was just the right amount. I liked that I could go through it at my own pace. I learned a lot. I passed the CLEP; the Sociology professor was really engaging."

— Glenn Grassi, Adult Learner

"I enrolled in the Chemistry class offered by Modern States. I felt confident after taking the course, and I passed the CLEP exam. The course definitely helped me a lot."

— William Rush, High School Junior

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